• Year 1995
      Established GRAND HALO TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. in Taiwan,researched and applied many patents for innovative LED product.
    • Sept 1996
      Purchased 15341M2 of land for factory construction in Chang An, Dong Guan, China.
    • Mar 1997
      Started the first phase of factory construction, including three floors main building 5300M2 and four floors living quarter 2000M2.
    • Mar 1998
      Completed the first phrase of factory construction and established DONG GUAN GRAND HALO ELECTRONIC CO., LTD. Meanwhile, purchased another 8671 M2 land for factory expansion.
    • Aug 1998
      Installed power and water supply, introduced equipments to began machine testing and stuff training.
    • Jan 1999
      Dong Guan Factory has started mass production and goods delivery.
    • Jun 1999
      In order to deliver goods to worldwide, established GRAND HALO OPTO ELECTRONIC INTERNATIONAL (HK) LTD.
    • Mar 2000
      All the products were fully entered into mass production, actively planned and introduced new ISO9000 of 2000 version into Dong Guan factory.
    • Mar 2001
      Dong Guan factory had attained the international ISO9001 2000 version certificate.
      Completed the second phase of apartment building 5000M2 of Dong Guan factory.
      Successfully signed Sales Representative Agreement with CANAAN (a Japanese company), entered into Japan Market.
    • May 2001
      Introduced and installed automatic equipment (2nd lot) at Dong Guan factory and doubled the productivity.
    • Aug 2001
      Became KOHA ‘S (a Japanese company) commission manufacturer to produce SMD LED.
    • Dec 2001
      Scheduled to build the clean room (around 335 M2 CLASS 5000) in Floor 3.
    • Jun 2002
      Successfully signed the Cooperation Agreement with NAGASE (a Japanese company).
    • Jul 2002
      Qualified the clean room and put it into production.
    • Aug 2002
      Successfully developed and went into mass production of photo relay and photo interrupter.
    • Oct 2002
      The technicians from Sanyo came into our factory and began the technology cooperation.
    • Dec 2002
      Appointed by Sumitomo (a Japanese company) to pilot run SeZn White SMD LED.
    • Jan 2003
      Established OEM center and started to run.
    • Mar 2003
      Successfully developed the ultra-thin and energy saving LED back light wrist watch module with SEIKO (a Japanese company).
    • Apr 2003
      Introduced and installed equipment from Nagase (a Japanese company).
    • May 2003
      Signed OEM Contract and Technology Cooperation Agreement on SMD Ambient light sensor with Microsemi (an America company).
    • Jun 2004
      The infra-red receiver module was formally put into mass production.
      Began the mass production with introduced equipment from Microsemi (an American company).
    • Aug 2004
      Introduced casting SMD LED (5168 series) into molding for mass production.
    • Jan 2005
      Developed LED lighting module and lighting luminaries to meet market demand.
    • Jun 2005
      Attained the ISO14001 international environmental system certificate.
    • May 2006
      Started long-term lighting test on successfully developed new era’s light LED low power package which applied multinational patent.
    • Jul 2006
      Signed Sales Representative Agreement on LED lighting luminaries with MBI HK Company.
    • Nov 2006
      Successfully developed the first LED waterproof tube light.
    • Mar 2007
      Start the outdoor lighting test of the first LED street light (Lamppost: 7M, 180 watt,central illumination: 20LUX).
    • Jul 2007
      Successfully developed energy saving tube light and LED tube light with power of 25 W.
      Start the outdoor lighting test of the second LED street light (Lamppost: 9M, 120 watt, centralillumination: 25Lux).
      The average attenuation of New era LED lighting Module is within 7% after a consecutive of 10,000 hours lighting test.
    • Sept 2007
      Aggressively invested into the research of LED product that is combined with solar, water power and wind power.
    • Oct 2007
      Developed MR16\GU10\E27\E14 series spot light and 4 feet LED tube light with the power less than 20 W.
    • Nov 2007
      Developed the PAR38 series light with high heat dissipation and more power saving.
    • Dec 2007
      Improved the LED street light with more than 100/lm per watt (power supply is not included).
    • Jan 2008
      Improved the LED street light with more than 110/lm per watt (power supply is not included),completed the Luminous Flux Lab.
    • Feb 2008
      Conducted the tube light test on Choi Hung Station and demonstration.
    • Mar 2008
      Completed the Exhibition Hall of Lighting Luminaries.
    • Apr 2008
      Built mass production line for lighting luminaries.
      Finished the LED street lighting demonstration project at Bin jiang Road, Ning bo, Zhejiang.
    • Jun 2008
      Retrofitted all the lighting with LED lighting in GRAND HALO factory, contributed a saving power of more than 50%.
    • Aug 2008
      Successfully developed the second generation street light with the rate of IP 68.
      Completed the LED lighting project at the kitchen of Tin Shui Wai Restaurant of Maxim Group.
    • Sept 2008
      Successfully developed Bi-pin T8 tube light with simple connection and easy installation.
    • Jan 2009
      GRAND HALO engaged in drafting of LED street light Local standard (Guangdong Province).
    • Mar 2009
      Developed the energy saving blub 13W. B61 LED bulb is only 6.5W, saving half of energy.
    • May 2009
      Developed the LED Dimmer bulb 5W-10W. 8-series tunnel light is approved by Chongqing highway engineering testing center.
    • July 2009
      Complete the development of 7-serise street light , tunnel light and wall wash light.
    • Mar 2010
      Developed and completed 15W 4-foot tube light with 1300 lumin & efficacy of 87lm/w (including driver).
    • Aug 2010
      Complete Foshan Red Bull Factory Lighting Project and Soby Saloon Shinchu Taiwan.
    • Dec 2010
      Attained high & new tech enterprises certificate.
    • Mar 2011
      Complete Century Shopping Mall Lighting Project on Guiyang, Guizhou.
      Tunnel Light (P3-P7) Pass CNEx11.0503 National Anti Explosive Certificate.
    • Apr 2011
      Complete Dongshi business district street lights and landscape lighting project.
    • May 2011
      Complete CNPC gas station lighting project.
    • Dec 2011
      Finished the lighting project on SILICONWARE PRECISION INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. R&D building.
    • Mar 2012
      Taiwan Headquarter office moved to Zhongke road.
    • Mar 2017
      20 year anniversary celebration.
    • Oct 2018
      Completed new production line and increase capacity.
    • Jan 2019
      Attained IATF 16949 certificate.


ISO 140001
ISO 9001:2001