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How to keep LED properly?

LEDs are usually packed with ESD bag to avoid moisture entering into LED. What will happen if moisture enters into LED and how to prevent it from happening?


LEDs are made by chip, gold wire, silver paste, epoxy and substrate. When moisture enters into LED, it will rapidly expanded under high temperature e.g. soldering and push against any part inside of LED, like chip, ag paste, gold wire, epoxy and substrate, making any of them being separated from others. LED will be failed to light due to poor connection between parts or even disconnection in worst case.


Therefore, it is very import to store LED in the appropriate circumstance even it is sealed with ESD bag.


Here below is our recommended storage condition:

1. Shelf life in sealed bag: 12 months at 5~30 and 60% R.H;

2. After the package is opened, It is recommended to bake before the first use:

Baking condition:

a. 60±5 x (24~48hrs) and 5%RH, (taped reel type);

b. 110±5 x (8~16hr), (bulk type);

The product should be soldered within 24 hours ( not including baking time at 2. a & b ). If not, please store at 30℃ or less and humidity less than 10% R.H., with sealed bag. It is recommended that the product be operated at the workshop  condition of 30 or less and humidity less than 60% R.H.


Last, If the moisture absorbent material has fade away, baking treatment should be performed on LED based on the following condition: 60±5x (24~48hrs).