Research and Develop

Research and development of product and innovations in process are the essential factors to keep this company ongoing and acquire competitiveness in the upstream. The dynamic research and development department of this company is the fastest in time-efficiency, the lowest in operational cost and the most dependable in quality presentation to complete the designed products entrusted by customers. Meanwhile, this company will go on with its vigorous research, development and innovations for ever better products to bring forth to the numberless groups of customers with endless business opportunities because the semi-conducting photo-cell elements feature little heating, extended service life, less power consumption, faster response, impact-resisting mechanical characters, small in size, and capability of being reduced and lightened.

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Quality Assurance

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Product quality is the one and only condition to upkeep the sustainable existence of a company and the best advocate of business image. Holding fast to such conviction, this company sets up a comprehensive QC system to inspect raw materials and finished products, examine machines and equipments daily, test the product reliability and carry out the education, training and teaching of professionalism of employees down to the minute details to elevate product's defect-free ratio winning the customers' greater confidence in our production for far more satisfactory services from us. This will achieve an excellent interacting relation to upgrade the long-term goodwill cooperation.

  • To master the control and establish a full-scale QC system which demands keen observation of practicality.
  • Perfectism in production.
  • Immediate solution of problems encountered with time-efficiency.
  • Excellent quality is the company's obligation to its customers.
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