Founded in 1995

GRAND HALO TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. a manufacturer dedicated in the production of sealing & packing semi conductor opto-electronic, have been delivered high quality products to many manufacturers at home and abroad with its 30 years opto-electronic sealing & packing technology and experience.




High Automatic Equipments Introduced

With the idea of increasing international competition as well as productivity, the manufacturer base was relocated to Chang An, Dong Guan, mainland China in 1998 , under the name of DONG GUAN GRAND HALO ELECTRONIC CO., LTD. Meanwhile, a series of high automatic equipments were introduced to meet the increasing demand from our customers.

While the company aspiring to achieve the realization of the idea to share work load in production and distribution globally, Grand Halo also strives to improve customer service. With this in mind, in June of 1999, GRAND HALO OPTO ELECTRONIC INTERNATIONAL (HK) LTD.Was born for the goal of fast and smooth delivery to meet customers' demand.

International Quality Accrediation

In March of 2001, Grand Halo was succeeded in attaining the international quality accreditation -ISO9001 CERTIFICATE which boos the confidence both in the products quality and management.In June of 2005 , Successfully attained the ISO14001 international environmental system certificate.In January of 2019 , Successfully attained the IATF16949 certificate.

With continuing R&D support, we pray our first class products will reach in every corner of the earth and make people in this planet have a more brighter and harmonious life.

Quality Assurance

Product quality is the one and only condition to upkeep the sustainable existence of a company and the best advocate of business image.Holding fast to such conviction, this company sets up a comprehensive QC system to inspect raw materials and finished products, examine machines and equipments daily, test the product reliability and carry out the education, training and teaching of professionalism of employees down to the minute details to elevate product's defect-free ratio winning the customers' greater confidence in our production for far more satisfactory services from us.

This will achieve an excellent interacting relation to upgrade the long-term goodwill cooperation.

Quality Policy:

  • To master the control and establish a full-scale QC system which demands keen observation of practicality
  • Perfectionism in production
  • Immediate solution of problems encountered with time-efficiency
  • Excellent quality is the company's obligation to its customers

Product Development & Process Innovations

Research and development of product and innovations in process are the essential factors to keep this company ongoing and acquire competitiveness in the upstream.

The dynamic research and development department of this company is the fastest in time-efficiency, the lowest in operational cost and the most dependable in quality presentation to complete the designed products entrusted by customers.

Meanwhile, this company will go on with its vigorous research, development and innovations for ever better products to bring forth to the numberless groups of customers with endless business opportunities because the semi-conducting photo-cell elements feature little heating, extended service life, less power consumption, faster response, impact-resisting mechanical characters, small in size, and capability of being reduced and lightened.

Product Capability

To keep up with the pace of product development trend and satisfy customers' constant demands for product quality and reliability, we adopt automatic Die Bonder and automatic Wire Bonder in front stage, semi-automatic moldering system in the rear stage, auto-testing, auto-sorting and auto-taping to continually improve productivity.

Meanwhile, the steadiest and most reliable quality assurance will be given to customers with the best possible coordination for a complete manufacture process of special produce.

The current productivity is 30,000,000pcs of casting type SMD LED lamps, 15,000,000pcs of subminiature and 5,000,000pcs of reflector type respectively per mouth. It is anticipated that the productivity will maintain a steady growth by 15% to 20% annually in the years to come to meet the customers' demands.

Product Marketing & Development Trend

Extensively used in the households and various industries, the products of photo-cell elements are making it towards better luminosity and minimization thanks to the recent research and development of new materials and sealing techniques. By means of integrated design, many processes are simplified, and assembling spaces, saved. This will bring great impact to the market of applied portable products.

As the design of electric product innovates from day to day, the sealing techniques of integrated photo-cell elements and solid state circuit will be the targets of further achievement for the industry, also the common course of business growth. The customer's market demands shall be our guideline as we are developing more diversified products.

Light is the fundamental element of the living things on earth and electricity makes people' s life more active. The combination of light and electricity-electro & optical LED will change thinking mode and life quality of human being in 21st century.